Serta Rocket Adjustable Gaming Chair, Black Review

Serta Rocket Adjustable Gaming Chair, Black Review Gamingchair
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Setra Rocket gaming chair

Are you aware you can raise your mood by just changing the sitting position? I know you are asking how? Serta Rocket gaming chair is the answer.

The chair is designed to fit you in all your mood aspects. It is constructed on a convertible frame. You can convert it to a chair, chaise longue or a flat lying platform.

Comfort is the key here; the seat features soft material and a dense cushioning material. Thus, no back or muscle pains when gaming or relaxing.

Features of Setra Rocket Gaming Chair

The covering material is extra soft

Some seats when you sit on them, they tend to be uncomfortable due to their hardcovers. Regardless of the inclination of a seat if the sitting area is hard, it induces tiredness. Gaming using such kind of chair, you can do it for a short period.

This chair solves all this. The sitting area is soft due to soft microfibers and a dense padding. When combined with the inclined position, your mood is uplifted. Additionally, you can game for hours while sitting on it.

The chair is low sitting style

The closer to the ground, the more comfortable it becomes. Many people prefer a seat that offers low sitting position. Only tall people who might have an issue with this, however, the chair is very ideal.

Setra Rocket Video Gamng Chair

You are not going to experience too much leaning to reach the table, nor straining to get into the seat. It means that your legs can comfortably get support from the floor, as opposed to hanging in the air as in tall chairs.  

The cover is non-removable

If the seat cover was made to be removable, it could complicate the conversion process. By being fixed, the durability of the seat is guaranteed. On the other hand, the covers can wear out fast exposing the frame. The exposure can compromise comfort.

It is also a complicated exercise removing the cover as the chair has several joints. By making a solid seat cover, the manufacturer was trying to protect your welfare.

Setra Rocket ergonomic gaming chair

It comes when fully assembled

When you get yourself one, it is ready to start the work. Unlike other chairs which require assembling, this one comes when fully assembled. Assembling a new can be stressful. You may join it in the incorrect manner, thereby creating a chance of breaking.

Additionally, the assembling prowess also determines the flexibility of the chair, therefore, the overall comfort. Also, the cost is reduced. If you don’t have the experience in joining various parts, you must call an expert. However, you must pay him/her.

The chair is very easy to convert

There is nothing exciting than having a variety of options. When relaxing in your room, it can be boring sitting on a right angled chair. It calls for a seat that will ensure you are at liberty to change the posture. With this chair, it is possible to change it in three modes.

Setra Rocket video gaming chair

The first one is an inclined seat. It is suitable for the gamers. You can play games the whole day without straining your back. After gaming is over, it is time for relaxing. You just adjust a bit, and the seat turns into chaise longue. Finally, it can be used for laying down flat.

Benefits of customer

There are absolute benefits associated with this chair.

  • The main one is its convertible nature. It is hard to encounter such seat in the market today.
  • Using this one will allow you to have a range of use.
  • You can use it to for playing games while in a tilted position. The other mode is by turning it to a chaise longue for maximum relaxation.
  • If you need to sleep, just adjust it to offer a sleeping platform.
  • The soft upholstery is another ultimate benefit. You cannot tire to sit in this chair, even if you spend the whole day.

You can game, study and still don’t experience tiredness of back pain. All these benefits are due to thick cushioning and soft polyester tufts.

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How can Serta Rocket gaming chair be best utilized?

Well, the seat can be used on places and activities. One of the uses is gaming. With this chair playing games is enjoyable and comfortable. With an adequate cushioning no back or muscle pains. After you finish, you can convert it and relax.

  • Watching movies; this is another wise use of this chair. Since it is highly movable, it is a great tool while watching videos.
  • If you have a large or small screen, you can move it to the best distance. Also, you can convert it in the suitable mode.

Relaxing; whether you are watching a movie or playing games, resting is a must. You are not going to find another place to relax the same seat can serve as chaise longue. You can further make it a sleeping mattress.

The customer’s score for Setra Rocket Gaming Chair

A good number of customers have used this chair, and this is available on various websites. The majority of clients are praising it for its ability to accommodate different groups of people. It can be used by children young aged and senior citizens.

  • The other praise is regarding the capacity to support various body weights. The frame is sturdy that it is capable of supporting person weigh 170lb.
  • Another major stronghold is the soft covering and bulk cushioning.
  • Customers have also given it an upper hand for support and health of users.
  • The major drawback is concerning the lack of armrests.

Additionally, some customers have raised concern about their legs extending outside the chair. It has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 after 51 reviews on Amazon.You will find more budget tight gaming couch in this Gaming Chair under 100 categories.

Is this chair most suitable for gamers?

As a gamer, owning this seat you are a step ahead. It may look simple but has numerous benefits. With it, you are assured of comfort and good health.

The chair enables you to be as close as possible to your screen. The exciting fact about it is that it has no age limit. Whether it is your children or their grandparents, they can comfortably use it to play games.

The low style mode Is ideal to offer the required support to prevent it from breaking.


  • It is suitable for all people
  • Once bought, it comes while fully assembled
  • The chair is lightweight allowing mobility.
  • It can convert to different form
  • It is highly cushioned for extra comfort


  • It has no armrest
  • It is very low hence unsuitable for tall people


  • Can the chair cause scratches on the floor?

No, it is fully covered with a cloth

  • is cover removable for washing?

The cover is non-removable

Final Words:

Serta Rocket gaming chair is built to cover almost every aspects. When you are bored or tired, it suits you perfectly. Its strength and comfort will leave you thrilled, eventually regaining back your mood.

It also offers ideal gaming experience. Its weight further makes it adorable by many. Through providing top notch qualities, it is very affordable. Buy it today and get your mood back.

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